Traveling by Taxi from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Singapore to Johor Bahru

There are several ways of travelling to Johor Bahru from Singapore, and a taxi or cab service is one of them. If you’re at Singapore Changi airport, you can take a cab to Johor Bahru, as the airport provides private cab services. A number of tourists and locals of Singapore wish to travel to Johor Bahru to discover the many attractions that lie there. Shopping and dining are cheap and affordable in Johor Bahru, as compared to Singapore. And since Johor Bahru has been just a causeway away from Singapore, it doesn’t take very long to travel.

If you choose to travel through means of a taxi, you can make it to Johor Bahru in a good 45 minutes. It is best to travel during the early hours because the road to Johor Bahru is very congested due to heavy traffic during the evening hours.

Taxi from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Previously, the taxi service of Singapore only provided access to Kotaraya II terminal in Johor Bahru. For other destinations, a two-taxi ride would have been arranged. If you took the taxi from the Queen Street Terminal in Singapore to the Kotaraya II Terminal in Johor Bahru, you had to pay a price of S$10 for each person, or a total of S$40 for every car that departed from Singapore.

However, since November 2014, passengers can now avail a cab from anywhere in Singapore but only drop off to the Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal through the Singapore cross-border taxi. Simple taxi services from the Queen Street Taxi Terminal in Singapore to Larkin Taxi Terminal in Johor Bahru now cost S$12 per person, and a total of S$48 for every car that departs from Singapore.

The best thing about traveling by taxi from Singapore to Johor Bahru is that the taxi is at your service 24/7. Since the Singaporean taxi only takes you to Larkin Taxi and Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru, if you wish to go to another terminal in Johor Bahru you can take the yellow Malaysia cab, which will cost you a minimum of S$60 (previously $45 from Kotaraya II terminal).

Singapore to Johor Bahru Taxi Service

The Singapore to Johor Bahru taxi service provides excellent quality facilities and is highly dedicated in providing customers with the best taxi and private vehicle service. Singapore to Johor Bahru has helped reduce the distance between Singapore and Johor Bahru even more because of its utmost dedication. The travelers find it highly convenient and affordable, and when the cost of traveling is minimized, you are bound to enjoy your trip a lot more.

Why Travel in a Taxi?

Choosing to travel in a taxi from Singapore to Johor Bahru provides you great comfort, without the need of switching from one vehicle to another. Although it appears from the map that Singapore and Johor Bahru are closely situated, the journey can be exhausting and time consuming if you get caught in traffic.

A taxi is most effective for travelling with young kids and elderly people, compared to a train or bus as you have to stop in between various checkpoints. You can simply unload your carrier bags and luggage, and save the trouble of going through the customs. However, all this is only possible as long as the taxi is licensed. You will only get permission to cross the border as long as taxi has a license. Another difficulty you are likely going to face is getting caught in a terrible traffic jam, which is why people prefer travelling by train or a plane. Taxi service can be expensive compared to the costs of taking a public bus, which will cost you a bit cheaper.

You can signal a taxi at any time of the day from a number of streets and taxi stands in Singapore. Finding a taxi is relatively easy as they are operating in almost every corner of the city. During peak hours, midnight, public holidays and other busy days, you might need to travel early or during non-peak hours to avoid traffic jam and delays.

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