Roost Cafe Johor Bahru – For Scrumptious Food in Johor Bahru

Roost Cafe Johor Bahru

Located in Johor Bahru somewhere along the Jalan Dhoby at a 15 minutes’ drive, the Roose Cafe is one of the popular Johor Bahru Cafe amongst the locals. The venue is quite well-known and Roost Cafe stands out quite prominently amidst the other shops so if you are out for a stroll there is no chance for you to miss it.

Roost Cafe Johor Bahru

The interior is designed to give off a rural look and you can see a lot of use of wood and old timber used on the exteriors which makes you feel like you are out in the country-side. Each furniture item is picked and designed in the most complex manner and you will get a different kind of sensation from this place. The furniture in this place is one of a kind and you will notice unusually creative designs and motives on the tables and chairs that give off a rustic ambience.

Basically, this is a juice and salad so if you are in the mood to eat light, then you must definitely try out some of the best salads and drinks offered here. Apart from that, Roost cafe’s menu also consists of a wide range of full course meals for you and family to choose from. There is an enormous book section as well, so spend an entire day by with a book of your choice and devour the many pleasures offered by this cafe.

This cafe is famous across Johor Bahru for its amazing cuisines and its customers highly recommend beef noodles, the roasted duck & passion fruit juice, Nasi Lemak, Frozen Yogurt, Chicken Chop, Hainanese Chicken Noodles, Chill with wan mijer aka legend, fish ‘n’ chips, mutton ribs or Nyonya fish fillets, strawberry banana and mango tango juice. It is considered as one of the must visit places that offers good food, refreshing drinks, good movies and music.  You can have a great time relaxing over here.

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There is no air-conditioning on the first floor, but you will witness a terrific juice bar that will cool you down instantly. If you head towards the bar you will notice paint containers used as high bar stools which beautifies this café even more. Altogether it is a nice and simple yet a very artistic place to chill out with your friends.

You can come along with your friends and family for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and for Happy Hour meals. They have a complete bar for drinks too. Payment is only accepted by cash. If you are check-in freak, don’t worry at all, they provide free Wi-Fi access to its customers.

How to Reach?

You can reach here on this address: 9 Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru.

Operating Hours

The operating hours are between 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight. Truly, Roost Cafe in Johor Bahru where one visit will not be enough and you would definitely want to come back again.

This cafe seems like a living room of a hippy, as it has been decorated with used bottles and wood. Here you shall for sure have a unique experience along with some scrumptious cuisines and refreshing drinks.

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