Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru Offers Longest Track in Malaysia


Go Kart Johor Bahru is an activity thoroughly enjoyed by kids of all ages, as well as grown ups. It can be found in most amusement parks situated all over the world. Out of the many other things of interest, the Permas Go Kart is one event which you must witness when staying in Johor Bahru.

You can find Go-karts in different forms, shapes and sizes. Normally a go-cart is a small sized vehicle with four wheels, but sometimes they can be relatively larger. The bigger ones are usually powered by machines and are known as Superkarts. They are used for outperforming the racing cars on long tracks. Then there are other types as well, which run without a motor, and some that are driven by the help of gravity, called Gravity racers.

Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru

The Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru has been operating since the beginning of 2002 and was established by Mr. Louis Liew. The Permas Go kart is known to contain the longest go kart track in all of Malaysia, and it is currently occupying a total space of 10.5 hectares of the workshop. The track is 1,433km long, featured with 14 turns and 2 straights. The track enables you to go at a speed of over 160 km per hour. There is ample space for you to overtake another kart, and altogether the experience is full of thrill and suspense. You can choose your route from a total of 8 tracks; Taman Plentong is furnished with a wide range of activities that will entertain you and your family to the fullest.

Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru possesses the ability to train and direct plentiful of capable go-karters, skilled operators and they also provide basic lessons for the beginner go-karters. The company encourages suitable training programs and start up tutorials, and anybody and everybody is welcomed to benefit from it. Safety measures are taken care of because go-kart novices are offered rental services well under the supervision and assistance of experts.

There are six types of flags that you will need to pay attention to. Starting from the green flag, which is an indication that the race is about to start. The blue flag is used to indicate that another competitor is about to take over, so you must let them pass. Try to avoid the black flag as it shows you have been caught doing something unfair numerous times. If you are shown this flag you must go back to the office where it will be decided if you can resume the race or not. The yellow flag indicates caution, so you must slow down and prevent taking over other vehicles in case an accident has occurred. You are allowed to regain speed only once the remains of the accident have been cleared. The White flag is a sign that a safety vehicle is present nearby, therefore be careful. The red one calls for an immediate halt, and you must slowly and carefully return to a point as directed. Lastly the end of the race is denoted by a checkered flag.

Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru

Go Karting Tarriff & Charges

In these thirteen years, Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru has been charging the same rate for their services. They do not believe in the concept of raising prices for a bit of added benefit, despite of the fact that expenses are increasing year after another. However, with terribly increasing costs, the company has sought new pricing in order to improve the quality of their products and services through which a loyal customer base can be established. The new rates have been valid since April 1, 2015 and the company ensures that the increase is still quite economical.

For the 10 mins, Go Karting will cost you RM 35/- from Monday to Friday & RM 40/- from on the weekends. If you have your personal kart then you can also use the track by paying fees of RM 106/- (non-members) & RM 65/- members).

How to go to the Permas Go Kart

The Permas Go Kart is positioned 20km away from Johor Bahru, so you will have to rent a car or catch a taxi to get there. Since it is closely located in Johor Bahru, Singapore Check Point, it will take you approximately a 20-30 minutes’ to reach Permas Go Kart via car or taxi. You can also plan on reaching there through means of the modern North-South Expressway and the linked highways like 2nd Link and Pasir Gudang, in a span of 45-60 minutes. Apart from that, there are Railways Links too, so it is entirely your decision to choose the medium of commuting that will suit you best.

Go Kart Timings

The Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru is operational daily from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6:45pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, it starts a bit earlier, from 8am to 6:45pm. The place is also equipped with other resources where you can relax and chill out after an exhilarating race. There are restaurants and small sized canteens where you can enjoy a good meal, because you are bound to be exhausted. They also have a karaoke lounge where people can sing along and enjoy nice songs; some people even perform in karaoke competitions hosted by Permas Go Kart.

So start planning for an exciting day at Permas Go Kart Johor Bahru and make sure your trip to Johor Bahru does not go without coming to this place with your family.

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