Johor Bahru Nightlife – 10 Fun Things to do in Johor Bahru at Night

johor bahru nightlife

If there is one thing that Johor Bahru is known for, it is its nightlife. It is the premium destination for everybody to get the perfect combination of almost about everything. Since it is ranked as one of the most developed states of Malaysia, you will come across a lot of interesting sights and exciting things to discover. Two days and two nights will be enough for you to understand that the Johor Bahru is a city that hardly every sleeps.

The city is bustling with hordes of people during the late hours of the night, and sometimes even till dawn. No matter how exhausted the workaholics are, they will somehow find time to make way into the bar and chill out with friends. In a city where there are so many nightspots to choose from, there is a destination that will suit everybody and let you party to the fullest.

Succumb yourself to the exhilarating Johor Bahru Nightlife

Johor Bahru nightlife is all you will be talking about on your way back home, which goes to say that it is something you cannot miss out on! Johor Bahru is famous for its tons of nightspots that boast a frenzy of entertainment. The numerous discos and bars situated allows you to indulge in the pleasures of drinking cheap beer and chilling out to some of the best tunes of the year!

Here is a list of some fun things you can do to make most of your Johor Bahru nightlife.

1. Dance the Night Away

Pulsating with glitz and glamour, the enthralling nightlife in Johor Bahru is a journey to the ultimate party venues and wonderland of clubs. The city takes pride in having several clubs, bars, pubs and discos. There are times when we all feel like letting ourselves loose and grooving the night away. These nightspots allow you to do just that! From the late hours of the night till the sun first starts to rise, bring along your friends and peers and start swaying on the liveliest tunes played by the best Dj’s in the house.

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2. Enjoy a Round of Drink with Friends

Nothing sounds better than the idea of having endless rounds of cheap beer and wines with your best mates. These nightspots offer all kinds of hard and soft drinks, including margaritas, mojitos, beer and wine. A lot of people like to make their way into the trendiest nightspots of Johor Bahru to cure their exhaustion and spend some time away from work. Working men and women often like to chill out, sip on their respective choice of drinks and enjoy the company of colleagues or friends.

3. Admire the Downtown

The beautiful skyline of Johor Bahru becomes prominent just as the sun sets down. The city comes to life and buildings look even more astounding at night as they illuminate. It truly is one of the most amazing sights to experience. A lot of people travel to and from between Singapore and Johor Bahru as both are just a causeway away. There are several cafes that let you enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset, and as the night time falls, Johor Bahru has a completely different look to it.

4. Visit Movement Ultimate Club

Known to be one of the most popular nightclub of JB, Movement Ultimate Club is situated at Stulang Laut at just a distance of 10 km left of Jalan Ibrahim Sultan. This new addition of a dance club is positioned in one of the boldest locations of the city, so you can expect to listen to all kinds of music genres. Everything from rock to hip hop to trance is played here, and Movement Ultimate Club arranges live performances by the coolest bands. So, do visit this popular club to make most of your Johor Bahru nightlife.

5. Try the delicious Murtabaks

This amazing dish comprises of an omelet that is neatly folded in a really thin dough crust and is usually filled with a very hearty portion of minced beef/chicken. This rather spicy and juicy specialty is a must try and serves as an awesome midnight snack. One bite of it will make you crave for more. Truly, you won’t find a murtabak anywhere else like the one in Johor Bahru, so skipping it is not an option.

6. Become a Part of various Contests

Majority of the public like to take part in contests organized by various clubs. People have a great time singing, dancing and talking to each other. Some nightspots host karaoke competitions, where people sing to their heart’s content and enjoy the night away. These contests are also held at some of the best shopping malls in Johor Bahru.

7. Pay a Visit to the Roi Club

The club has been functioning since August 2014 and has progressed speedily. If you are about to visit Johor Bahru anytime soon then Roi Club is “the trendiest club” to come to. It is located at a 20 minutes distance at Taman Bukit Indah. This place is the local’s favorite, and it is also conveniently located for visitors. Derive the pleasures of some of the best podcasts as the Dj sets the stage on fire with their awesome live performances.

8. Visit the Night Markets

The nightlife of Johor Bahru is not only about drinking, partying and clubbing. Some people prefer to enjoy the peace and serenity of a nice family outing at Johor Bahru’s famous night bazaars. You will come across all kinds of stalls of jewelry, clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories, and what not. Visitors especially like to come here and stroll around the market to buy small gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones back home. These are the things that you will remind you of your wonderful trip to Johor Bahru.

9. Relish a Feast at the Best Supper Places

Undoubtedly, the love for food is mutual for all of us. You can be full at home, but the minute you step out with friends it’s as if your stomach has changed its mind. Nevertheless, it is always possible to make some room for a bit of night time munching. Make the most of your trip at night by heading down to Johor Bahru’s amazing supper spots for some awesome night food.

10. Enjoy a Movie

Some people prefer to avoid a large swarm of people in the bars and pubs. And obviously if you are with a family then hitting the club with a bunch of kids would be a bad idea. Watching a movie or theatrical show is another one of the things people like to do in the night. Grab your popcorns and enjoy the latest movies at some of the best cinemas in Johor Bahru.

These are some of the fun activities to make most of your Johor Bahru nightlife. If you want to recommend an activity, please do so by adding comments below.

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