Johor Bahru Nightclubs – Top 5 Nightclubs in Johor Bahru

nightclubs in johor bahru

Johor Bahru is the perfect destination for you to get the right mix of just about everything. It is one of the most industrialized cities of Malaysia and contains some really beautiful sights and interesting things for you to do and discover.

If you come to Johor Bahru for spending a vacation you will witness that the city never sleeps and is up and awake for long hours during the night. The city is nice and bustling with shops and pubs and clubs that keep functioning even after working hours. So no matter how tired the locals are, they will always be up and ready to go to the bar to chill out after a long tiring day. This is because, there are a number of nightclubs in Johor Bahru, where everyone comes to party to refresh themselves.

The city comes to life at night and almost every corner of Johor Bahru is occupied with nightspots and discos, shopping malls and entertainment centers. The most loyal clients pay a visit to the nightclubs in Johor Bahru quite often, but for the tourists it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. If you are the kind of person who likes to party their heart out, then you are definitely in for a blast. One thing is certain: There are so many options available for you in Johor Bahru that there won’t ever be a time when you will feel bored or will face confusion in deciding where to go.

Party Hard at the Best Nightclubs in Johor Bahru

These places will thoroughly entertain you after a long tiring day of work or travel. Below we will guide you with some of the best night spots for hanging and chilling out with friends and peers.

Movement Ultimate Club

movement ultimate club johor bahru

The Movement Ultimate Club is one of the renowned nightclubs in Johor Bahru located at Stulang Laut and is situated at a 10 km distance towards the left of Jalan Ibrahim Sultan. You can get to this place in a good 15-18 minutes through means of a car. This is a relatively new dance club positioned at a very bold location and you can experience the perfect balance of all genres of music. From trance to hip hop to rock and lots more, the Movement Ultimate Club also let you listen to live performances by the finest bands.

The public can even take part in contests hosted by the club and have a great time. The Movement Ultimate Club is an amazing place to take your friends out for an enjoyable night. Subject yourself to the enthralling night life of Johor Bahru and tune yourself up for the best night of your life. The Movement Ultimate Club makes a promise to its clients of experiencing the true essence of partying and clubbing, with the best DJ’s of Hong Kong and dancers enlivening the night. You can visit the Movement Ultimate Club anywhere between 3:00pm to 3:00am, although if you really want to party hard then it is best to go during night hours.

Address: Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Taman Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 7-222 6933
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Roi Club

roi club johor bahru

Roi Club has officially been functioning since August 2014 and has made quite a lot of progress in a relatively short time. If you’re scheduled to travel to Johor Bahru anytime soon then this is one of the trendiest clubs to be in. Situated approximately at a 20 minutes distance at Taman Bukit Indah, the locals find this venue quite pleasant and as a visitor it will be easy for you to reach this place. If you are in the mood to enjoy a good podcast, then Roi Club brings to you the best DJ sets and live performances.

The place is fantastically decorated and gives you a chance to liven up after a tiring day. Good shows and performances are put for the sake of delighting people, and when you hear everybody cheering loud you will definitely be unable to stop yourself. You will get to see some really exciting dance performances and feel the music reverberating in your ears all through the night. Roi Club is the place if you want to have a fun-filled night so you really wouldn’t want to miss out the opportunity of coming here.

Address: 1-3 Jalan Indah, 15/2 Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
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The Grindhouse Club

the grindhouse club

The Grindhouse Club is a place where you can find the perfect collision of entertainment and good atmosphere. It is distinctive from other nightclubs in Johor Bahru, as it is designed decoratively and its interior is very pleasing to the eye. The Grindhouse Club took its inspiration from the 1970’s Grindhouse cinemas and has recently initiated in Skudai, Johor. It is almost a half an hour drive via car and is located towards the left of Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2. In case you get stuck in traffic it might take you a bit longer to reach there so it is best to plan accordingly.

The Grindhouse Club is more of a dance club consisting of two floors, each of which is inspired by of some of the trendiest designs and motifs from the Grindhouse cinemas. This two storey club can accommodate large number of people at one time, so you can come alone or tag along with your group of friends.

You can experience a six hour entertainment frenzy as the club opens at 9:00pm and closes at 3:00 am. Dress up casually, comfortably, stylishly or elegantly; it is entirely up to you. The ladies are in for a real treat on weekdays as the best DJ’s take over the house with booming music on supersonic speakers, keeping you raving and grooving throughout the night.

Address: 91, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 12-995 5008
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AquaSonic JB, Stulang Laut

aqua sonic bar johor bahru

AquaSonic Bar is probably one of the most enticing nightclubs in Johor Bahru, you will come across during your visit. Like its name suggests, the first thing that comes into your mind after hearing its name is that it has to do something with water. This small yet alluring bar has been a water-themed and positioned beautifully near the sea. AquaSonic has recently launched its second branch at Stulang Laut and the Johorians find it the perfect place to enjoy loud music together with the sight of the splashing waves.

With just a short 10 minute drive via car towards the right of Jalan Sultan Ibrahim it becomes the ideal place for the majority of the people to kill the boredom. What differentiates this bar from others is its captivating underwater aquarium theme. You will get to experience different vibes from partying and socializing at this place because there is so much to do.

Experience the true feel of music resonating through your ears to amazing dance performances to pool parties to having a night out just with the ladies, all of which will leave you completely flabbergasted. So get ready to witness the best global and Asian DJ sets that are sure to make you to groove to the fullest.

Address: Lot 5504 & 5505, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Johor, 80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-677 0018

Aruku The Walk @ Plaza Sentosa

aruku the walk johor bahru

Are you tired to the bone and need to unwind yourself to the beat of loud thumping music with a chilled cocktail that will wipe out all your exhaustion away? Then Aruku The Walk is just the place that will help you ease your mind and help you discover the true essence of entertainment. Aruku The Walk is situated at the Plaza Sentosa ground floor and is a terrific place for you to relish the best of house music and live band concerts.

Your adrenaline will sure go pumping with every beat and you will definitely not be able to stop yourself from getting down on the dance floor. Aruku The Walk also has private KTV rooms for important clients. To top it all, you can savor some of the best cuisines at Aruku The Walk prepared by the finest chefs. You can come here any day as it is open 7 days a week and you will experience something new every day.

Address: Plaza Sentosa, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 7-331 1118
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These are some of the nightclubs in Johor Bahru, however, there are many other options available for you to choose from. But despite of whichever club you go to, you are bound to have the best time of your life, so get packing and come to Johor Bahru for a trip worth remembering!

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