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hawk car rental johor bahru

Car rentals, which was once a service mostly availed by people who travelled for business purposes, now it has become easily accessible and fairly common in use now by almost everyone. An ideal mode of communication for tourists to travel is by simply renting a car, where they have the free will to go to any place they want. All they have to do is carry a road map, mark a few spots and get ready for an exemplary day’s tour.

You can express your wish to go to your desired place and save the trouble of having to drive the car on your own. As a tourist, you are bound to experience difficulties in locating places and this is where car rental services are of great help. Sometimes, even car owners find renting a car a better option than heading for a drive on their own. It is much more convenient as it saves both your energy and your cost.

Hawk Rent a Car is Asia’s first home grown company that offers you with car rental services. Originally, Hawk Malaysia originated in early 1955 and launched its first office in Kuala Lampur and Singapore simultaneously, followed by other offices in the city of Penang, Malacca, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu and lastly, Johor Bahru.

Hawk Malaysia Car Rental has recently made a huge name for itself and is now included amongst the top five car rental companies of Malaysia. More than 500 customer vehicles are available, (Self-drive and Chauffeur-driven) providing services to some of its best clientele.

Hawk Car Rental Johor Bahru is renowned for offering its customers with superior quality automobile hiring and leasing facility. Although Hawk’s chief production consists of self-driven cars, you may also get a permission to avail chauffeur-driven services. What makes Hawk Car Rental Johor Bahru stand out from its competitors is its ability to provide excellent service at a very economical price.

The company does not believe in compromising on quality by minimizing costs for the sake of added benefits. Car Rental service is given to both commercial and leisure sectors. Asian businessmen, locals and tourists can hire a car and avail the service for one day, months and years even.

Many businessmen and vacationers wish to visit Johor Bahru if they ever come to Singapore or from any other part of the world, because of the numerous attractions and things of interest you can find here at inexpensive rates. Car rental becomes extremely useful in such a situation, and Johor Bahru offers a number of car rental services.

The Hawk Car Rental Johor Bahru makes sure that its staff member are trained to communicate properly and are given with the right tools to do their work effectively and efficiently. The chauffeurs speak in fluent English and are highly cooperative, communicative and cautious with driving for the safety of passengers. The vehicles at Hawk Car Rental are equipped with the latest technology, which guarantees proficiency at its maximum. The ultimate goal is to help find a vehicle for their customer so that they may reach their desired destination in the least possible time.

You can easily get a car from Hawk Car Rental Johor Bahru on the daily basis for as low as USD 100/-. For more luxury car types & options such as a driver, the price is a bit higher.

If you’re planning on traveling to Johor Bahru from Singapore to spend the weekend with your extended family, but you don’t have the means to travel, or your small Sedan contains insufficient space for everyone to fit in, then car rental service is the ultimate solution or you can call it a life-saver. You can contact Hawk Rent a Car as it is one of the best in the city of Johor Bahru. Such an incredible city as Johor Bahru definitely calls for some exploration, and this can be possible with the flexibility of services that Hawk Rent a Car offers.

You can explore new things, new sights, and shop at different places, attend a special occasion or an event, all by simply renting a car that suits you and your family best. Hawk Car Rental Johor Bahru services its automobiles and maintains it, so you are sure to find the vehicles in good condition. In the occurrence of any inconvenience, Hawk Rent a Car is just a call away. To top it all, you can gain from a wide range of products, special packages and facilities like vehicle delivery, reduced rates on weekends, baby seats and much more.

Address: Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 722 428 49

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