Cinema Johor Bahru – Best 5 Cinemas to Watch Movies in Johor Bahru

cinema johor bahru

There is a vast difference between watching a movie at home and watching it at the cinema. Watching a movie from home doesn’t let you get a feel of what it is like to watch it in the cinema, and believe it or not – the theatrical experience you get here is worth every cent you pay for it. On a serious note, we all love watching movies on a large floor to ceiling length screen with the loud, ear-cracking surround sound systems and famed snacks like nachos, slushies, and buttered and caramel popcorns!

The sound systems are loud enough to help you ignore the awkward reactions of fellow watchers. Even better, you don’t have to bear the annoying chit chats and constant interruptions of people pausing the movie every second to get something from the fridge. Watching movie in a cinema is also among the best nightlife activities in Johor Bahru.

Best Cinemas in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru cinemas are known for their premier film exhibitions. Be it thriller, romance, or comedy – you will catch almost every genre of movie on some of the best Johor Bahru Cinemas, listed below.

1. TGV Cinemas


It is the sole subordinate of Tanjong Public Ltd Company. Starting in the year of 1995, TGV Cinemas has become one of the leading film exhibition firm of Malaysia in a short span of time. Apart from being a pioneer of the movie industry, it is also the owner of some of the best multiplexes in all of Malaysia.

TGV Cinemas strives hard to guarantee that its customers will have an amazing time, taking back warm memories with them and only coming back for more. Their dedicated team that work behind screens are dedicated on bringing a smile to your faces. Overtime, the company has maximized the space and renovated many of its locations to give the cinemas a more modern, vibrant, and friendly ambiance. Don’t forget to try those delicious caramel popcorns – one serving of which will not be enough.

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2. Superstar Cinema


This super big cinema Johor Bahru features 8 halls modern day cinema that are furnished with state of the art digital projectors, surround sound systems and comfortable seats. People can enjoy top quality broadcasting experience of the most up-to-date movies. The tickets at Superstar Cinema are reasonably priced, making it convenient for you and your family. Double up the fun by purchasing their signature style All-American caramel popcorn and sodas. Keep a track of the latest movies and book your tickets online right now to get the best seats!

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3. MBO Cinemas


1 out of 4 people would recommend MBO Cinemas in Johor Bahru as the ultimate movie theater for watching a movie. With over 26 cinema halls and more than 190 digitized projectors that serve the entire nation, there is no reason for you to not come here and experience it for once. MBO Cinemas have recently made a brand new additional called MBO Central Square at Sungai Petani. All of MBO Cinemas are well-appointed with up-to-date cinematic technologies to bring out premier movie experiences for everyone. The free signup for MBO Starclub lets you earn Starpoints on every purchase, and these points can be used to redeem free popcorns, drinks and movie tickets!

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4. MmCineplexes


Featuring the latest movies, MmCineplexes also comes under the 5 best cinemas to watch a movie in Johor Bahru. MmCineplexes is all about pure glamour and opulence. Its extravagant Platinum movie suites will let you experience superior comfort and luxury. Watching a movie in its lush lounge area with those superb deluxe seats and posh furnishings is one heck of an experience! It is guaranteed that you will feel no less than a superstar!

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5. Cathay Cineplexes


A lot of people are aware about Cathay Cineplexes and its wide number of cinemas operating in Singapore. However, many people are not aware of the fact that on Saturdays the tickets prices are almost half in Malaysia than in Singapore, i.e. a movie ticket that is priced RM39 (SGD13) in Singapore costs only SGD6 (RM18) in Malaysia. Since it is located at City Square, you can spend a perfect day of shopping at the mall followed by a good movie. The idea of a theatrical movie with popcorns, drinks and other munchies by your side sounds like a perfect entertainment for the entire family.

Most of these cinemas are located in the prime shopping malls of Johor Bahru. So, enjoy your favorite movie in of the cinema Johor Bahru and do tell us about your experience by adding comments below.

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