Best 10 Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Johor Bahru

johor bahru attractions

Most of us recognize Johor Bahru as the famous causeway to enter Singapore, however there is much more to this state than just being an entrance. What most of us do not know is that Johor Bahru is rapidly growing in tourism, and this spectacular Malaysian city has accomplished a whole lot of limelight and stardom with its glistening skyscrapers and unique themed amusement parks. The nights come to life and sparkle with lights, attracting a horde of visitors to its surroundings. A lot of people like to head down to Johor Bahru on weekends for a fun-filled day, or for witnessing the many attraction sites that reflect a picture of Malaysia. Despite of being just a fraction of Malaysia, the list of Johor Bahru attractions is practically endless.

Johor Bahru Attractions

Below is a list of the best Johor Bahru tourist attractions that will draw the attention of families and kids from all over the world!

1.    Sultan Abu Bakr State Masjid


The beautiful Masjid that overlooks Singapore and the Straits of Johor is called Sultan Abu Bakr State Masjid. Truly, this Masjid dates back to 1900s where it was completed and fashioned in the most spectacular way. Being one of Malaysia’s oldest Masjid, it is definitely a must see for all the people who want to catch a glimpse of its history. The Masjid boasts magnificent Victorian and Moorish Architecture, and took 8 years to complete. Together, it can accommodate over 2,000 worshippers at one time.

2.    Dataran Bandaraya

Photo Credit: Lan Rasso

If you want to see the main city square then Dataran Bandarayan is the place where you want to be. This square originated in the year of 1994, after which Johor Bahru was officially declared a city of Malaysia. The square is encompassed with premium restaurants, boutiques, souvenir shops, street hawkers, shopping malls, cafes, hotels, and of course the most popular tourist attraction, the Tower Clock. Embark on a wonderful shopping spree or satisfy your taste buds in one of the city’s most delectable food and shopping area.

3.    Danga Bay

Photo Credit: Sham Hardy

The Danga Bay is a grand recreational park of the city which boasts everything significant to glamour and luxury. Some of the most posh shopping outlets, brands, fine dining eateries and designer wear boutiques are located here, alongside the enthralling Danga Bay Park. Danga Bay stretches over 25 km beside a picturesque waterfront, from where the bay encompasses an area of 450 acres.

4.    Legoland Amusement Park

Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

What’s a trip to Johor Bahru if you haven’t come across Legoland Malaysia? This enticing tourist attraction is specifically made for kids and comprises of two sections: a water park and a theme park. Families especially come here to enjoy the vicinity of this place, which is absolutely unique and beautiful. Along with thrilling rides and a fun-filled water section, the park is a must visit to beat the Southeast Asian heat.

5.    Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple
Photo Credit: Georgia National Guard

Don’t forget to experience this extraordinary fragment of architecture, a temple that was solely dedicated in the honour of Goddess Kali. In this temple you will find various deities as well as a whole collection of sculptures and art. The access to the temple is restricted, so the prime option to get there would be to hail a taxi for the way, back and forth.

6.    Chinese Heritage Museum

Chinese Heritage Museum

The museum is relatively small but highly informative, telling tourists everything about the history of Johor Bahru and Chinese residing in the region. The Chinese Heritage Museum enlists all the historical places of interest in its heritage trail map. Together with four storeys, the museum exhibits a range of objects that can be seen for a fee of RM5 (adults) and RM3 (kids and senior citizens). The Chinese Heritage Museum has done a tremendous job to preserve the rich Chinese heritage.

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7.    Istana Besar

Photo Credit: Caitriana Nicholson

The Istana Besar, more commonly known as the Grand Palace, stands to be the royal residence of the mighty King of Johor. The palace is beautifully furnished with Anglo-Malay architecture and is also home to the Royal Abu Bakr Museum. On its display, Istana Besar has unique artefacts, royal heirlooms, and tracks of the entire history and life of the Royal Family.

8.    Hutan Bandar Recreational Park

Photo Credit: Emran Kassim

Just in case you are in Johor Bahru and have yourself surrounded by kids, a trip to Hutan Bandar Recreational Park is definitely a must! Typically, “Hutan Bandar” stands for “forest within a city,” and the park is doing a great job in living up to this name. Attractions and facilities at the park consist of a swimming pool, a kid’s playground, a jogging track, and an extremely beautiful lake that is surrounded with trees. Hands down, this has got to be the best place for some peace and tranquility.

9. Johor Zoo

Photo Credit: Phalinn Ooi

Completed by the late Sultan Ibrahim in the year of 1928, Johor Zoo is really one of the first ever zoos in all of Malaysia. The zoo includes rare species of animals like gorillas, flamingos, elephants, lions, horses, and more. You can pay a trip to Johor Zoo to engage in following activities like playing with elephants, catch a glimpse of the lions, observe the sleepy crocodiles, and appreciate the aquatic birds as you take a stroll alongside the lake.

10.    Dinosaurs Alive Water Park


Another thrilling and fun-filled place where families take their kids to is the Dinosaurs Alive Water Park. The park is located along the KSL Hotel, within the premises of the resort. As you take a dive in the unusual swimming pool you will come across life size demonstrations of various species of dinosaurs that are deliberately placed around the pool. A few statues vary from as small as 2 foot long Compsognathus to as large as 85 foot long Brachiosaurus.

With so many interesting Johor Bahru attractions, who wouldn’t be tempted to catch a glimpse of the rich history and lifestyle of Malaysians? Those who want to know what Malaysia is all about wouldn’t find a better place than Johor Bahru to begin with!

Feature Image Credit: Phalinn Ooi

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