Banafe Village Cafe Johor Bahru – A Renowned Bistro’s in JB


Probably the second most important thing Johor Bahru is known for other than shopping is the wide assortment of food and beverage outlets it has to offer. If you are a die hard fan of food and you love to try different kinds of food and cuisines then you are in for a real treat.

Johor Bahru is a small city located within the district of Johor in Malaysia. If you are gearing up for a tour to Johor Bahru and wish to know more about the places and people residing, food is the best way to get there. It is quite accurate to say that the kind of food we like and eat tells us a lot about a person and there you will be able to find the best restaurants and food stalls that would fulfill your need to eat and have the best quality food.

Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru

Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru

The history of Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru dates back to the 70’s and began with the deceased Sheikh Abu Bakar Bin Ahmad Banafe. He was an artist by profession and had initiated the Malay Art Gallery in Singapore, long before he switched his career from painting and decided to enter the food industry. He then commenced the Banafe Village Cafe and it has been operating for a period of 8 years till date. It is a short 10 minute drive through means of a car and is situated towards the right of Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir.

Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru is more commonly known as Banafee Village and is one of the most renowned bistro’s of Malaysia. Being just a causeway away, people living in Singapore find it fairly easy to travel to Johor Bahru for shopping and eating to their heart’s content. Eating is amongst one of the many things you can do in this small city, and you can come across some of the trendiest places to dine in.

Compared to Singapore, Johor Bahru is relatively inexpensive, which is why both tourists and locals prefer to fulfill their basic needs from Johor Bahru. There are many places in Johor Bahru that have yet not been discovered so you must definitely visit this place and try this amazing little cafe to have an experience worth cherishing.

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Perfect place to chill out

Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru

Altogether, the Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru is a really cool spot to hang out and dine with your family and friends. The cafe is beautifully decorated and surrounded by huge palm trees and flashy lights which provides you with a funky outlook. Banafe Cafe is a place thoroughly enjoyed by the youngsters and they come here, especially to have a good time. The service is great, the food is outstanding and to top it all, there is live music so you can sing and dance along and enjoy to your fullest. Together the combination of these three provides you with an incredible feeling and leaves you with a memorable experience.

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If you’re visiting Johor Bahru for the first time and are having trouble finding a good place to dine in, Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru is the right place for you. You can trust this place, as trusted by many others, to provide you with great food in great quantity; you are certainly not going to leave this place with an empty stomach.

Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru

An ideal family place

You’ll be happy to know that 3 out of 5 citizens will recommend you Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru if you ask them for a good and affordable place to dine in. The live music and jamming session will delight you and you will get to listen to some of the best guitarists. Not only can you listen, you can perform as well. Customers can choose from a wide range of dishes according to their liking.

If you’re a Muslim who is traveling abroad, you can face great difficulty in coming across a restaurant that serves you Halal food. This is why Banafee Village is a great option for the Muslims as it serves completely Halal food at a fairly good price. The chefs use 100% Halal and edible items in the food they serve and there is a special all you can eat buffet arranged by the Banafee Village during the month of Ramadan.

Amongst their specialties are the Tulang Merah soup, Nasi Padang, Ikan Bakar, Nasi Ayam Penyet and banana fritters for dessert. The bistro serves you with a wide variety of cuisines which is sub-divided into Malay, Italian, Western and even Indian dishes, prepared by the best chefs. Normally, your entire family of four can have a hearty meal at a price of no more than RM 100.

There are a great number of hotels situated near the Banafee Village Cafe Johor Bahru and you can get a great view from the top. From some hotels, Banafe Village is at walking distance and this makes it an ideal place for them to dine-in. So one thing is for sure; on your visit to Johar Bahru you will never find yourself hungry as you can find an ample number of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, and Banafe Cafe Johor Bahru happens to be just one of them.

Address: Lot 9022, Jalan Dato’ Abdullah Tahir, Johor, 80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Phone: +60 7-333 3377

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