Zoo Johor Bahru – Kid’s Favorite Attraction in Johor Bahru

zoo johor bahru

If you are in Johor Bahru and you don’t take your family, especially kids, to the Zoo Johor Bahru then your trip will be of complete waste. The Zoo Johor Bahru is one of the first zoo’s in Malaysia that came into emergence as its survival dates back to 1928. It is situated at Jalan Gertak Merah, which lies right at the center of Johar Bahru district. To be more precise, the Zoo Johor Bahru is positioned closely with the Royal Museum and the Johor Bahru Palace Grounds.

The Zoo Johor Bahru is of mediocre size and is filled with a wide species and the kinds of animals who are extremely friendly and are sure to make your trip to the zoo memorable. If you are a person who adores the wildlife, then you will definitely have the time of your life while strolling in the zoo and taking pictures to capture your memories.

Although smaller than most other zoos like the Singapore Zoo or the Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Johar Zoo is still quite popular amongst them all. Amongst the common species include some of the rarest sorts as well. Altogether, the Johor Bahru Zoo provides its visitors with an opportunity to observe the animals up close and personal. It is quite interesting to witness the tigers from ground level and feeding the camels and giraffes with your own hands. After all, who would want to miss out on a chance to experience the wildlife up close?

Johor Bahru Zoo is a great attraction and recreation spot for people who come from all across the world. You can relish the scenic beauty and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The local inhabitants and foreigners both can benefit from a wide array of food stalls positioned from place to place. After all, one does feel the need to relax and enjoy food when they are present in such an amazing recreation spot.

You can also bring your own picnic baskets if you want and double up the fun. The Zoo Johor Bahru also contains a nice seating arrangements and recreational spots to provide you with means of relaxation in case you or your children get tired.

Some of the animals and birds present in the zoo include elephants, pelicans, camels, iguanas, horses, wild cats, tigers, lions, crocodiles, tapirs, bears, chimpanzees, and lots more. Over a 100 kinds of wildlife animals, birds and reptiles can be found here. Towards the left side of the path, bright colorful parrots and many other bird species will greet you just as you step your foot into the Johor Bahru Zoo. The sight is a real delight for kids.

If you want to witness something even more exquisite than look towards your right and you will come across a pond filled with the finest looking pelicans. You can also engage yourself in other activities throughout the day such as boat paddling in the lake present right at the entrance. The pond also provides you with the facility of going for a fun boat ride with your spouse and kids.

There is a space for photography which lets you snap pictures of yourself with the animals of the zoo. The visitors can capture memories in the form of photos and share them with their loved ones or even give them as souvenirs. Moving further, there is a goose farm which contains some of the cuter geese alive. They are adorable and well taken care of and will definitely melt your heart at the first sight.

The caretakers of the Zoo Johor Bahru are extremely cooperative and polite and they also allow the visitors a chance to pet a few animals. Moreover, if you want to feed the camels they will also hand you over string beans. Children may also have a fun filled experience by going for an adventurous horse ride. The Johor Bahru Zoo overall is very well maintained and the visitors will have a fun time visiting the mammals and birds who are well taken care of and are kept in the best possible place.

Getting to Zoo Johor Bahru

You might want to avoid visiting the Zoo Johor Bahru during public holidays and especially when schools are off because that’s the time when the zoo is jam-packed with visitors. The temperatures tend to be quite high, so it is advisable to carry a water bottle to refrain from getting exhausted.

If you are planning to walk to the Johor Bahru Zoo, it’s a 10 minutes walking distance from the Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar Johor Bahru. Whereas, if you are in the mood to take a cab or any other public transport then it’s a short drive via car to Jalan Gertak Merah if you come from the Johor Bahru Custom & Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ).

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Admission Ticket

As it is a public zoo, anyone can enter the Zoo Johor Bahru at a minimal and affordable price. The charges for kids is RM 1 and for adults is RM 2.

Zoo Johor Bahru Timings

The timings of the zoo are convenient, starting from 8am and is operational till 6pm on a daily basis, so everyone could pay a visit at whatever time suits them the best.

If you are in Johor Bahru and looking for a family day out then Zoo Johor Bahru is a recommended place to go. Please share your experience of the zoo by adding comments below.

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