Muzium Johor Bahru – List of Museums in Johor Bahru

Mezium Johar Bahru

Amongst one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist spots in included the city of Johar Bahru. Being a Malay city, Johor Bahru is quite known for its tropical climate as it is present in the southern edge of the Malaysian Peninsula. The passages of the state of Johar link with Singapore and gives the tourists an opportunity to unravel the many historical sights and landmarks of this city.

You will be delighted to visit the small town of Johor and find out that so many things for you to do and discover. Even though Johar Bahru is much more industrialized compared to the other cities of Malaysia, there is still a lack awareness of the several places the city entails. With the presence of its wide array of cultural and historical museums, art galleries, pubs and clubs, shopping centers, and food stalls at almost every corner of the city, experiencing the cultural and social life of Johor Bahru will make you want to come back here for more.

Muzium is a Malay pronunciation of Museum.

Before making a visit to any city you will usually like to know about its past, and what better way can there be to know about the history of a city in particular than to visit its galleries and museums? Well Johor Bahru has done a fantastic job in educating the public about its history by preserving objects and materials that date far back from today. Some of the largest museums are situated in Johor Bahru and you will definitely have a great time exploring natural artifacts and beautiful works of art.

If you are planning to visit Johor Bahru, then you can choose from a wide range of museums to go to with your spouse and kids. One thing is for certain: The curators of these museums are extremely friendly and will direct you and your children in reconnoitering the museum in utmost detail.

Muzium Johor Bahru

Altogether, we have highlighted a few of the museums in Johor Bahru that you must surely explore during your excursion to Johar Bahru. It will be a fun-filled experience, especially for your kids and these museums will make your trip even more interesting.
Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum

Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum

Known as the Muzium Diraja Sultan Abu Bakar in Malay, The Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum or Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar is located at Jalan Seri Belukar towards the right and you can get there in 10 minutes through means of a car. If you plan on taking a taxi from the city center of Johor Bahru, then you can get here at a fairly low price of just RM 3 per ride.

This magnificent building gives a touch of the Renaissance along with an Anglo-Malay effect and has been fashioned by Datuk Yahaya Awaludin. The building is quite ancient and its construction dates far back to the year of 1866. The museum (previously a palace) went by the name of Grand Palace Johor Bahru until it was turned into a museum in the year of 1982.

Upon your entrance you will come across an impressive staircase that is quite a sight in itself. The staircase leads you to a mountain load of treasures, including sketches and sculptures, and fixtures and fittings that once belonged to The Royal Family. You will be interested to know that you can find some of the most ancient relics and valuable artifacts that were in possession of the Royal Family. These prized possessions are put up for display, for tourists and are a true beauty which will leave you dazzled.

The museum also contains a gallery filled with pictures of families that have been going on for generations. This museum is one of a kind and you will be delighted to know that the entry to this beautiful 53-hectare museum is a minimum fee of not more than RM 5 and can be visited any day except Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. It has also been heard that the museum will see new developments in 2016 and will undergo a massive remodeling.

Chinese Heritage Museum

Chinese Heritage Museum

Johor Bahru’s population is made up of a mixture of Asians coming from different areas, therefore the population consists of Chinese as well. This particular museum will be of interest to you if you want to know more about China and its history. The Chinese Heritage Museum exposes each and everything there is about its widespread traditions and takes you back to ancient events and experiences undergone by the Chinese of this city.

Come to this place to discover how the Cantonese generated the skills to do carpentry, how the Hakkas were engaged in trading medicinal products and how the Hainanese came up with the trend of initiating coffee shops and cafes that are still present up-to-date. You will not face difficulty in going through the history as everything is marked in English.

The museum consists of four storeys and is filled with beautiful artworks, ancient relics, and even titled photographs and videos along with the customary Chinese clothing. What’s even more interesting is that you can witness a representation of the doorway to the Roufo Chinese Taoist Temple on the Jalan Trus.

The Chinese Heritage Museum is situated at 42 Jalan Ibrahim road and is operational every day from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00am to 5:00pm. The museum is closed on Mondays. There are special discounts for children while normal charges that are applicable to all adults is RM 5.37. Usually parents bring their kids to this intriguing museum and your kids will love to get a general idea about the life of the Chinese in Johor Bahru. On frequent basis students and seniors are also given a tour of this museum in order to educate them about the life and history of Chinese Heritage.

Johor Bahru Art Gallery

Johor Bahru Art Gallery

Located at a distance of just 3.9 km if you take the Jalan Petri road, you can get to the Johor Bahru Art Gallery in less than 10 minutes through a car. The Malaysians know Johor Bahru Art Gallery by the name of Galari Seni Johor and frequently come to visit the galleria because of its impressive display of still life and portraits. This terrific gallery consists of a delightful collection of natural artifacts and contemporary style Malaysian paintings which are quite pleasing to the eye.

The gallery is not very far and you can easily grab a taxi which will take you to the grand Johor Bahru Gallery situated towards the west of downtown. The gallery is divided in two floors in the midst of a beautifully remodeled ground. You can also find other interesting objects such as stoneware and ceramic works, customary clothing, arms and ammunitions along with beautiful Islamic Calligraphy. There is no entrance fee so can you explore this wonderful gallery any day and anytime between 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Kota Tinggi Museum

The Kota Tinggi Museum is situated just a few kilometers away from Johor Bahru in the small town of Kota Tinggi. As a visitor, you can get to the Kota Tinggi Museum in an hour’s time by taking the bus from Johor Bahru Larkin Terminal and derive a great deal of information about the history of Malaysia. The museum came into existence in the year of 1997 but was not open to the public until 2002.

Throughout your excursion to the Kota Tinggi Museum you will find traces of the glorious days that Johor Sultanate has seen, starting from the downfall of the Malaccan Empire in 1511. You can walk through this magnificent two-storey hall and come across an entire set of ancient relics and valuable demonstrations that date back to the 19th century. Some of these exhibits include huge paintings on canvases, prehistoric musical instruments, traditional ceramic work, weaponries and lots more. You can get the entire picture of the past through various representations of dance, music, art and architecture.

The museum is open every day except Friday and you can gear up for a tour anytime between 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Pasir Gudang Kite Museum

Pasir Gudang Kite Museum

The Pasir Gudang Kite Museum is located in the town of Pasir Gudang which is towards the east of Johor Bahru. This museum is specifically different from other museums as it is the first one to exhibit a history of kites. It is just half an hour away from Johor Bahru, so you definitely do not want to waste an opportunity of reconnoitering this remarkable place. Your kids will be stupefied to see the diversity of the kites they can find here.

The Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival is held at this very location and you can witness kites of all shapes and sizes and different form and colors. If you’re passionate about kites then you must definitely make a visit to this place, as kite lovers from far across the world come here especially to attend the festival. The Festival takes place in February so this will be the best for you to have a fun-filled experience.

You can enter the museum at a cost of no more than RM 3 from Saturday to Thursday between 8:30am to 5:00pm. The operating hours for Friday are 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Your trip to Johor Bahru will be an absolute waste if you don’t get a tour across one of Muzium Johor Bahru. These hidden gems of Johor Bahru have yet not been discovered by many due to lack of awareness, but one thing is for sure that you will never get time to get bored because of availability of so many things. These are a few most visited museums of Johor Bahru but you can choose from amongst many more.

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